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Dear Clients,

Unfortunately due to Coronavirus the Governor has asked all non-essential businesses to close down. The latest Executive Order states we will be closed until June 10th, 2020 or further notice.

We love our business and our clients but we also understand why this is necessary and more importantly, we want you safe! We will be here when this is over!

Until June please remember to soak in Epsom Salt as much as you want! Drink lots of water and a heat pad goes a long way! Get out your foam rollers if your exercising and if you have a dog to walk, remember you can use the leash handle to stretch out your lower back by laying on a flat surface and hooking your foot into the handle part of the leash and keeping your knee straight while you pull your leg up!

We will be posting updates and any changes to the Executive Order as they apply here and on our FaceBook page! We will all get through this together!


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