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Myofascial Release Technique

A Fascia focused modality

Myofascial Release Technique is a gentle modality consisting of sustained pressure for 2-5 minutes around restricted areas. Myofascial pain is characterized as sharp or aching, as well as very sensitive to deep pressure. Having restricted Fascia can lead to other problems not limited to, Postural Scoliosis/Kyphosis, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Sciatic Pressure, Forward Shoulder and so much more.

Scar Tissue release can be applied to surgical or injury scars. As well as the occasional tattoo that went too deep.

So how do you know if Myofascial Release is for you? Firstly if you are already in the process of trying to correct years of bad posture, this modality will be very beneficial. Other indications for MFR are scar tissue, loss in range of motion, tension that is too sensitive to touch for traditional massage, or just a general feeling of "tightness" throughout your body. 
Myofascial Release is a Massage Modality, however would not really be described as Massage. MFR could be described more as the feeling of a deep stretch being held for 2-5 minutes, resulting in the release of fascia both within and outside of your muscles and tendons. Somatic release and release of stored stress/emotions is a common side effect of MFR.

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